Wow! 作为Bow Wow前女友Ciara和Angela Simmons,哪个床上功夫更好?! Bow回答 (视频)


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Wow! 作为Bow Wow前女友Ciara和Angela Simmons,哪个床上功夫更好?! Bow回答 (视频)

Bow Wow来到了Nick Cannon的 “Wild ‘N Out”,被问到了最Wild的问题,Bow需要回答,他的2个前任女友Ciara和Angela Simmons,哪一位的床上功夫更好?

Well, at one time they both was my women, correct? So if you put one and one together, then of course we must’ve been doing the do they was my women? Then I might as well go ahead keep it even, they both was mighty, mighty, mighty swell.



This will be a classic! Im all about the craft. Improving and giving you pure entertainment. Im putting all my skills on display tonight! THIS SHOW WILL GO DOWN AS THE BIGGEST!!! Enjoy the jokes its all in fun! If you take things serious.. Well this aint the show for you! PS.. Yes ANG wants to ring my neck but she knows me and that im goofy and this is all games. I brought my A game tonight!




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