Fabolous新专辑The Young OG Project首周销量是多少? 这是他的反应


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Fabolous新专辑The Young OG Project首周销量是多少? 这是他的反应


Fabolous新专辑The Young OG Project的首周销量已经出炉,事实上因为Loso安排在圣诞节发行,他的销量只统计了5天。



Thank You! 71k sold in 5 days of a ALL DIGITAL ALBUM!! #TheYoungOGProject was put together in a month. NO big radio single lead out, NO national promo, NO tour, NO CD in stores, NO over the top marketing, NO corporate sponsors, NO TV exposure.. just YOU ALL! People who appreciate my music & support it. Again I THANK YOU. And into the new year I will continue to work this project & make more #Moves!! P.S. Yall owed me that $10 for the 3 Free Mixtapes #ThankYous

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