Ariana Grande反驳前男友Big Sean的分手理由..这让他非常难堪


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Ariana Grande反驳前男友Big Sean的分手理由..这让他非常难堪


到底是谁提出分手的? Ariana Grande说是她抛弃前男友Big Sean的..给出重磅理由
Ariana Grande和前男友Big Sean分手是谁抛弃了谁? 深层次原因是什么?


Justin Bieber — Our sources say his hands on appearance at her show is a total non-issue and there was no “set up.”

Grammys — Yes, Ariana missed his performance that weekend, but our sources say she was under doctor’s orders to rest her voice before HER big performance … and she felt he was being selfish for not understanding.

$$$$: We’re told Ariana never asked him to spend money on a private jet and that she was often the one who would foot the bill on travel.

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