Wow,这才是嘻哈真男人对待女人的正确方式…Travis Scott送Kylie Jenner昂贵项链


Wow,这才是嘻哈真男人对待女人的正确方式...Travis Scott送Kylie Jenner昂贵项链

Travis Scott送他深爱的女友Kylie Jenner价值6万美元(近40万人民币)的项链作为生日礼物。没人可以想到他们会发展到今天这样程度。还有多少人还记得Tyga和Kylie Jenner曾经的激情。



Travis Scott’s way to his girl’s heart? Expensive jewelry … inspired by his own hit song.

The rapper’s been busy showering Kylie Jenner with birthday gifts this week, including this diamond necklace with a pendant related to his track, “Butterfly Effect.” We’re told Travis reached out to jeweler Elliot Avianne 2 weeks ago to get it done in time for her bday.

The piece is made up of 28 carats of VVS diamonds, and we’re told it set the rapper back about $60,000.

We know Travis also went to the movies with Kylie for her b-day, but that’s not all … he took a page out of Kanye’s book and set up a private orchestra show for her too.

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