Soulja Boy vs. Tyga的攻击verse,你认为谁赢了?


Soulja Boy vs. Tyga的攻击verse,你认为谁赢了?

Soulja Boy用歌曲反击Tyga的freestyle攻击,我把他们的攻击内容列在下面对比,客观地说谁赢了? 我感觉他们都没有一棍子“拍”死对方 [doge] … 我要的是像Eminem的Killshot一样拿出惊世骇俗的成绩才可以一剑封侯。

“First off, who is Tyga? Big Drako, everybody know I’m on fire. Say you had the biggest comeback, you a liar. Niggas don’t want drama/Word around town, I fucked his baby mama. Yeah, kaboom, with your son in the other room/Smoke dope, smoke dope, got big gas/Pull up drop top that’s a paper tag/He got drug out the club by security, I know he big mad.”


“Nigga call me a G.O.A.T., don’t call it a comeback/7 million records, nine months, where’s Soulja at? I can make the same song, bitches will still play that/Running ’round saying that you made me, why you say that?”

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