Eminem赞赏Kendrick Lamar和J.Cole等


Eminem赞赏Kendrick Lamar和J.Cole等

Eminem在电台 Shade45“Sway in the Morning”还谈到,他时刻关注这嘻哈领域的发展,向当代的说唱歌手致敬,Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole,阿姆说,因为他们研究过所有伟大的作品,你可以从他们的歌词里看到。

“I know they re not kids coming up anymore, but they ve studied all the greats and you can tell because it goes into their pen.”

Em同时给予Don Toliver赞赏,对Godzilla的合作者已故的Juice WRLD高度评价,Juice在Tim Westwood上的将近1小时的freestyle让他印象深刻。

“Don Toliver s dope as fuck,”
On Juice WRLD:“His freestyle that he did when he went on Tim Westwood and rapped for like an hour straight was incredible, especially for coming off top of the dome because a lot of people just can t do that or they might not know that there s an art to that,”

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