Everything Red – Game Ft. Lil Wayne And Birdman



used to be a 40 oz nigga
standin on the corner no money for the rock
now you see broke tell him holla
i wanna throw him a couple dollas
follow me on twitter follow me in the streets
me and my tupac zone when i creep
and then im gone
back on my gang shit
you know the chain sit
throwin up the roc tryin to figure out where Dame went
ayyy now pop champagne
tell them hoes that im in this bitch wit lil wayne
we got Young Money we got old money
we got jay-z, beyonce show money
we got keysha cole money
and we got haters but that better than no money
we got taylor swift and sheryl crow money
two thousand and ten we comin for your money

see red when I sleep
got a red lambo twenty two’s on the feet
catch a red eye private jet
that’s me red rum for my dogs in the street

when you see me on the creep
got a redbone chick in this red leather seats
when I get into the house we layin over the sheets
take it off, red louis vuitton on the feet

brrrat pearl white bugatti
flash cash flag on the top
spend a nigga band and we out
big money shit been ’bout
see this game blood
nigga gave me the gang
so i gave it to my bloods
fresh wit the new fleet
all red Y M C M B (so priceless)
big money on the white sheets
mil how we sleep presidential suites
AK’s on the harley maserati keep me a
and my bentley wit the black mag
brand new porsche strap stashed
22 in my benz jeep
chopper long on the back seat

Lil Wayne:
split a nigga in two
make a peace sign wit him
play with the pussy
put the peace sign in it
i never thought id see a fuckin free me sign nigga
young carter, niggas know im blood
bad red bone sittin in my tub
i ball hard i dont need a sub
break yo bitch ass off like a ticket stub
what it do ill show you what it does
and everybody knows real bees dont buzz
pull up in the drop top off where she was
and later on tonight im forget who she was
pimpin aint easy not pimpin aint weezy
got too many bloods i could never be anemic
you know my motto put it in the air
and i fuck wit the game like a true player

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