R.I.P!将近600斤的说唱歌手CeddyBu车祸身亡..20天之内5位说唱歌手去世 (视频)


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R.I.P!将近600斤的说唱歌手CeddyBu车祸身亡..20天之内5位说唱歌手去世 (视频)

R.I.P!将近600斤的说唱歌手CeddyBu “Rap Sumo”车祸身亡..20天之内5位说唱歌手去世。



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One man is dead in a single car accident that occured near the ferry landing on River. Rd west of LA Hwy. 327 in Iberville Parish Thursday night. Louisiana State Police say 24-year-old Cedrick D. Smith of Plaquemine wasn’t wearing his seatbelt when the car he was riding in ran off the road and struck a telephone pole. Smith is a local rapper known as “CeddyBu”. The driver of the car was 23-year-old Wilbert Pryor. He was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. Pryor was also unrestrained at the time of the accident. State Police are waiting for results of a toxicology report to determine if he was impaired. Excessive speed is considered to have been a factor in the crash.

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