Rick Ross谈幕后他如何平息旗下Meek Mill和Wale内讧,化解矛盾


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Rick Ross谈幕后他如何平息旗下Meek Mill和Wale内讧,化解矛盾

Rick Ross的MMG徒弟们Meek Mill和Wale上周起冲突,因为Wale没有帮助支持Meek新专辑Dreams Worth More Than Money宣传,Meek在社交媒体上炮轰指出Wale是他的hater。


On the way here, something was going on with Meek Mill and Wale. As the owner of the label, how do you handle when there’s conflict between two of your guys?
It’s a misunderstanding. As soon as the tweets went out, I spoke to both of them on the phone. Those two guys, they’re brothers. At the end of the day, they’re brothers and it’s time to turn up right now. It’s time for all of us to turn up and stay turned up, you know what I mean? But it’s all love between those two and everybody knows that.


It’s just a testament to how you handle beef, because you’re pretty laid back about conflict, and when it’s done it’s done.
Of course! That’s how it’s supposed be, because we’re not here for that. What we’re here for is this, the culture! Fashion, the clothing, sneakers, sending that message – that’s what it’s about. You know certain things will occur; that’s just the nature of the game. There’s going to be dust kicked up at every arena, and you should all expect that. But at the same time, we’re focused on what we came for.

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