Eminem的艺人Yelawolf攻击Post Malone,G-EAZY和MGK


Eminem的艺人Yelawolf攻击Post Malone,G EAZY和MGK

火力猛,Eminem的艺人Yelawolf攻击Post Malone,G-EAZY和MGK…他一直以来都极具攻击性。

“Who else? I would diss Post Malone but he dont even rap / Fuck it, fuck Post Malone, just because, lets see if he answers back.”

“Never thought the culture that I loved would be this sleazy
His videos all look alike, no wonder they cant see me
Is this the guy that said he was the hottest white boy
Since the one with dyed blonde hair, what the fuck
Hold up, G….. eazy”

“Threw a middle finger out the window when I wave / Trunk Muzik III bruh, you gon know how I feel about MGK.”

他近日对老板Eminem的shout-out:“Trunk Muzik 3 is my last album on Shady Records. Five fuckin’ albums on Shady Records. I feel blessed for that. Make some noise for Marshall Mathers!”

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