Dr. Dre联合Eminem新歌Gospel


Dr. Dre联合Eminem新歌Gospel



[Intro: Eminem & Dr. Dre]
Yeah (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
What? (Uh) What? (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Dre, you ready? (Woo, woo, woo, woo)
C’mon (Yo, we gotta do whatever [?])
Alright (Check, check, check, check, check)
Get ‘em!

[Verse 1: Dr. Dre & Eminem]
Cut ‘em undercover, timeless
Ready for ‘em, progress
Feelin’ like I’m just gettin’ started
Two shots back for my dearly departed(Uh)
You are now dеalin’ with a monster
Boss shit, profits
Doc Dre, bitch, I’m a prophet
Black Wall Street, niggas know whеre the stock is (Heh)
Try me, niggas never see me, but it ain’t hard to find me (Heh)
Unwinding, shit’s blinding, still grinding, up rising (Agh)
Stop talking ’bout the past, I’m the future, nigga (Agh)
Nigga like me, still here, motherfucker, go figure
Lookin’ for my next gold digger
This summer here gon’ be colder than winter
Already told you, I fold you like hundreds of billions
And you can go missing, put that on my children
Bet that, nigga, what? Regret that, run it up
Heh, and I’m about to sum it up
This shit here that problem, livin’ at the bottom of a bottle
“Full throttle,” my motto (Eh)
Fuckin’ with me like fuckin’ with the Lotto
That awful, in your nostril, in a brothel, this is gospel
Yeah, I’m a need all that pronto

[Chorus: The D.O.C., Dr. Dre & Eminem]
Yes I, yes I, yes I
Ride ’till I die
Give a fuck if you bitches die
Put a motherfucking hole in your face
Back up bitch, don’t even try
I am that motherfucker, been the coldest
Why you on that, no one know us
Overdosed on what dope is (Yeah)
Hip-Hop shit sell better than the coke did

[Verse 2: Eminem]
Like a satanic cult
It’s an old ritual slaughtering GOATS, bitch (Yeah)
You’re fucking with the original, flow’s sick
And anybody can get it, COVID
Fuck with that?
I done wrote shit that was so sharp I could slit my own fucking throat with it
So rich, I got more chips than my shoulders
And I’m about as approachable as a roach is
Yeah, so better steer clear from him
Here comes a nuclear bomb for your eardrums
Lyricism at its most fearsome and fierce
We are on another tier like a tear duct’s upper echelon (Yeah)
Your career suck (What?), it was sheer luck (Like what?)
Like a fuckin’ leprechaun with its beard cut
(Still a) punisher, weapon drawn with a beer gut (Haha)
You’re slower than a Decepticon with its gear stuck
(And I what?) I serial kill, and you’re Kellogg’s
I love checks and I hate tricks
And you’re a fake bitch (Bitch)
I could spot you like you ’bout to weight lift (Yeah)
Bitch, I’m badder than cake mix
(But, I) Can’t be whipped with egg beaters (Nah)
You cunts must be out of your labias, and God is my alias
So if I don’t have faith in me, then it basically makes me an atheist (Woo) Nate Diaz got the world by the trachea
It’s in a chokehold and a sleeper (Yeah)
And me and Dre are like dog hair (Woof)
We’re both in our lab coats like retrievers
But, like a doberman, I’m a whole different breeder (What?)
Animal mutt mixed with a overachiever (Yeah)
Oh, you’re the king of rap? You’re about to be overthrown
Like a pass over the head of an open receiver
At least you can end up comin’ to blows like a weiner (Hahah)
But, I ain’t finish puttin’ these hoes through the ringer (Nah)
Like clothes in between the two roll is a weight
Know, what I’m in is flow, interwoven, I treat ‘em like thread (Why?)
That’s how I wound up sewin’ machine up
So, fucks if you don’t give up me the time to ride or die (Yeah)
’cause you’re either both or you’re neither (Yeah)
Throw a middle finger up if you’re rollin’ (Yeah)
But, me, I’m gonna—

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