Game再次添加纹身向师父Dr.Dre致敬 (图片)


Game再次添加纹身向师父Dr.Dre致敬 (图片)

Game最近想要纪念的东西很多,这是最近Game添加的纹身,纹身师Kat Von D和Peter Koskela在腹部两侧分别添加师父Dr. Dre和他自己的专辑封面纹身。

其中,右侧是Dre的The Chronic封面,向师父致敬。左侧是自己2005年首张专辑The Documentary格式图案,里面是他儿子Harlem。

回顾:Dr. Dre首张经典专辑The Chronic发行正式达到整整20年

“Gettin ‘THE CHRONIC’ album tatted on the stomach… OUCH ! But when I think about what this album did for my city… The pain disappears. That’s Life,”

“3rd tattoo of the day….. This one by the homie @petertattooist might be my favorite thus far….. #TheDocumentary album with my oldest son @harlemcarontaylor on the cover… #CLASSIC !!!!!!!”

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Game再次添加纹身向师父Dr.Dre致敬 (图片)
Game再次添加纹身向师父Dr.Dre致敬 (图片)

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